The French tanker and Command Ship the FS Somme was spotted heading out of Plymouth Sound this morning with a British Merlin helicopter overhead.

The FS Somme is the first ship to take oil at the new Yonderberry Jetty, which was finally completed in March in the Tamar Estuary.

Yonderberry Jetty is an HSE COMAH site jetty and used for refuelling of tankers and lighter vessels; steel piles and RC deck with gravity fenders. The structure was constructed in the 1950s, and there were signs of corrosion to the existing piles.

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Aerial view of the Yonderberry Jetty in the Tamar. (Picture courtesy of Constuctex)
HMS Richmond, RFA Lyme Bay, RFA Tidesurge, and the flagship of Brittany Ferries the Pont-Aven heading into Millbay Docks.
The FS Somme making a brief visit to Plymouth and refuelling in the Tamar Estuary.