The French command and replenishment ship the Somme visiting Plymouth today, and spotted passing the Hoe waterfront on our LIVE 24 hour webcam, on its way into Devonport.

The ship is primarily responsible for providing logistical and material support for refuelling (fuel oil, diesel, jet fuel), water, food, ammunition, drugs and spares. This capability allows a naval force to conduct long-range operations at sea. The French CSB can supply 2 to 3 units simultaneously and is also capable of accommodating an Airborne Operations Headquarters.

The French replenishment and command ship the Somme, with RFA Lyme Bay, and German replenishment ship the Frankfurt am Main beyond the Plymouth breakwater
The working and leisure Sound with the French replenishment ship the Somme on her way into Devonport, and a Plymouth tug carrying out warning navigation maintenance, with local swimmers near West Hoe Pier.