The Spanish navy replenishment ship the ESPS Patiño on a scheduled visit to Plymouth early this morning in the mist and rain.

The huge auxiliary oil and replenishment ship entered service with the Spanish Navy in June 1995 with a speed of 20kt and a range of over 13,450 miles.

The Spanish Ministry of Defence ordered the Patino fleet logistic tanker in December 1991 which carries the pennant number A14.

The vessel was spotted on our shipping movements near her base near Cadiz yesterday, and sailed to Plymouth over night on a scheduled visit.

The ship has a crew of 148 plus 19 aircrew. There is additional accommodation for 20 additional crew for example training, fleet personnel or special operations crew. The crew services include a fully equipped medical centre, and can support Sikorsky Sea Ling SH-3D helicopters.

Plymouth tugs escorting the ESPS Patiño into Devonport in the mist and rain