A Notification Notice to other seafarers in the Sound from the 12th to 13th February 2024.

HMS Hurworth will be conducting survey work in Plymouth Sound and approaches.

VHF Channel 14, and other boats to keep 400m away and minimise wash when passing it is reported on its X (Twitter Feed).

The Hurworth looked very small passing RFA Mounts Bay in the Sound this afternoon.

The Hunt-class MCMV, or mine countermeasures vessel, Hurworth weighs in at 750 tonnes and measures 60 metres; and seen over 36 years’ of action for the Royal Navy.

You can see the Hurworth on our 24 hour live webcam in the Sound over the next few days as it conducts survey work in Plymouth waters.

The Hurworth when built was the largest warship ever built from GRP, then seen as a cutting-edge way to thwart magnetic mines.

It was also the most expensive warship ever built, on a pound-per-foot basis, because the ship’s fittings were custom-made from exotic, non-magnetic metals – pumps, shafts, railings; even the tool kits used by the engineering crews.

The Napier Deltic engines on the Hurworth are built mostly from aluminium, and specified with non-magnetic, and austenitic steel internals.