IN an exclusive interview with Westward Shipping News Devon businessman and owner of Drake’s Island Morgan Phillips talks about this Summer’s tourist season on the Jewel in Plymouth’s tourist crown.

The six-acre fortress, and located off the coast of Plymouth was bought by the former Royal Navy engineer in 2019, and post Covid is now finally planning for the future of the island, and restoring its civic pride back into the life and soul of the city’s future.

Mr Phillips is looking to build two hotels, museum, heritage, and a well being centre on the island, and working with city partners on environmental and marine projects on the island.

Drake’s Island was named after Sir Francis Drake, who set sail from there in 1577 to circumnavigate the globe – and Mr Phillips says there is no plans to ever change the name of the island which is an integral part of the city’s history.

The historic fortress played a crucial role in defending the maritime city from French and Spanish invasions in the late 16th century, and been used as a prison, religious centre, a refuge, and most recently as an adventure facility, which closed in 1989.

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