WORLD OCEAN DAY is being celebrated in Plymouth and reminding local people of the importance of one of the world’s most beautiful marine inlets of Plymouth Sound.

The ocean plays a crucial role for the city’s global commercial, naval security, fishing, marine, and leisure tourist sectors.

At Westward Shipping News we see daily the strategic importance of Plymouth Sound and the shipping traffic and movements, at the centre of the city’s lifeblood.

Planet Ocean covers 70% of the planet and the life source of humanity’s sustenance and that of every organism on earth says the UN.

Navy Landing craft spotted in the Sound this morning

Events in Plymouth organised today is looking to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, and the lungs of the planet. 

The United Nations is hosting online celebrations of the annual event and looking to mobilise the world community to protect our oceans.

Display of boats in the Sound

Westward Shipping News 24 webcam is following some of the events on the Hoe with information marquee tents on the Esplanade and water activities in the Sound.

The day is being supported by many city organisations and businesses including Plymouth Sound National Marine Park, Plymouth City Council, Ocean Conservation Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust, and Clean Our Patch, and many others.

Nearly three years ago, after 70 years after Britain created its first national parks on land, the city of Plymouth came together to declare Plymouth Sound a National Marine Park. 

HAPPY OCEAN DAY from the team at Westward Shipping News.