Award-winning Westward Shipping News based in Plymouth is celebrating its first year birthday celebrations.

The online maritime website delivers a combination of blog features, live 24 hour webcam, streaming services, shipping movements, port map, ships gallery, and coming soon our new recruitment pages for companies looking to advertise to niche international audiences in the maritime sectors.

Westward Shipping News boasts over 15.7K viewers daily on the website with the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Australia, China, Germany, Argentina, Spain, France, and British overseas territory Gibraltar our top 10 countries, says Kevin Kelway. 

Mr Kelway, commented: “We are super proud what our small team have done in our first year, and underlining Plymouth’s global role in maritime and shipping captured on our live webcam that is very popular with our global followers.”

Westward Shipping News offers live streaming services, and recently covered the solo channel swim of Devon businessman Tim Grimes swimming the English Channel that was watched by nearly 22,000 viewers.

Ian Fleming and Matthew Clarke joined Kevin Kelway in creating Westward Shipping News that was born from the UK’s two Covid lock downs in 2020, after recording all commercial and naval shipping movements in the Sound that exploded on social media platforms across the world.

Westward Shipping News recently won Local Awards Winner for UK Digital Website 2023, and together with Dorcas Media Limited recently secured a South West Prestige Award 2023/2024, for our sense of community in business, said Mr Fleming.

Mr Kelway, added: “We are looking to grow our international website in 2024, and its been a fantastic journey thanks to our amazing followers across Plymouth, UK, and overseas,” he said.

To view Plymouth Sound’s most popular Live Webcam: and for more information about Westward Shipping News: