PLYMOUTH welcomed home HMS Scott today after an epic 382 days deployment where the survey ship ‘hoovered up’ many of the deepest secrets of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Plymouth based ship was recorded leaving Plymouth by Westward Shipping News last July, and incredibly on its latest deployment – surveyed an area the size of Germany.

Her cutting edge sonar surveyed over 500,000 square km (equivalent to 2 x), and over 45,000 nautical miles steamed, it was reported on the Ship’s Twitter Feed.

HMS Scott with RFA Stirling Castle at the Plymouth Breakwater

HMS Scott usually spends a month at sea, then returns to port to take on supplies, rotate crew, conduct a bit of defence engagement that seen the ship visit New York representing the Royal Navy.

HMS Scott took part in New York’s Fleet Week – an annual event celebrating and commemorating the service and sacrifice of personnel from the US Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

Plymouth welcome’s home HMS Scott

HMS Scott sailed into New York Harbour following the assault ship USS Wasp and accompanied by Canadian coastal defence ship HMCS Glace Bay, Italian frigate ITS Virginio Fasan, four training vessels used by the US Naval Academy at Annapolis and US Coast Guard Cutter Warren Deyampert

HMS Scott spent 382 days on her latest deployment
HMS Scott is an ocean survey vessel of the Royal Navy, and the only vessel of her class. She is the third Royal Navy ship to carry the name, and the second to be named after the Antarctic explorer, Robert Falcon Scott.