They are the handmaidens of the port of Plymouth and regularly escort all manner of shipping from commercial to naval in the Sound.

Plymouth tug boats keep the maritime wheels turning and are the workhorses of our waters – the harbour tugs.

Tug boats and their professional crews are highly-skilled seafarers and a crucial part of the local economy in keeping our ships safe in and out of port.

Plymouth’s tug boats collaborate with the pilot to guarantee safety and avoid accidents and collisions with structures.

Plymouth’s tugboats escorting United States Navy Vessel across the Hoe seafront

The Top Functions of Plymouth’s Tug Boats include:

Assisting vessels in docking and unlocking manoeuvres, and can be seen in bad weather escorting ships like Brittany Ferries.

Support ships in turning on limited space and offer the necessary support to counteract the force of winds, waves or currents.

The tug boats and crews help stop a ship, tow, push, or assist a vessel with no proper propulsion or steering.

Tug boats offer escorts to vessels with dangerous cargo in high-risk areas with manoeuvrability, stability, and power in their roles.

Tug boats escorting HMS Triumph into Devonport

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