Westward Shipping News Live webcam spotted the Italian naval vessel the ITS San Marco amphibious ship docked off the coast of Plymouth this morning.

Wednesday’s Shipping Movements in the Sound.

Marina Militare Italiana LHD ITS San Marco ‘docked down’ in the Sound to conduct a boat transfer with one of her LCVPs craft.
Marina Militare Italiana LHD ITS San Marco (L9893) with lots of helicopter activity around the Sound
Visitors on the Plymouth Breakwater this afternoon.
Welcome back @HMSNORT recently on a visit to Reykjavik in Iceland on her way into Devonport this morning.
A sedated cruise in calm waters @hmssevern inbound to Devonport with the TS Royalist training vessel in the background (another busy time for the RN ship) recently hosting #Reservists @DefenceES officers from the US National #Defense University @SDA_mod in Portsmouth.