Celebrating our first year anniversary at Westward Shipping News we look back at some of the Royal Navy and international warships making Port visits to Plymouth throughout 2023.

HMS Scott outbound in the Sound (November 2023) working up its intensive FOST training period
First dramatic image of RFA Proteus caught in the fog at the Plymouth Breakwater in Oct 2023
HMS Somerset captured on our webcam in October 2023
ON a schedule visit to Plymouth the huge USS Mesa Verde known affectionately as the ‘Ghost Gator’ September 2023
HMS Triumph was spotted on our 24 hour live webcam returning to Devonport in September 2023
Welcome home to the crew of HMS Northumberland standing to attention on its way into Devonport after 4 months deployed on operations in the Baltic Sea and Arctic Circle in August 2023
The Hartland Point is one of four (Ro Ro) vessels that provides strategic and logistical support for the UK’s Joint Rapid Reaction Forces- and shipping August 2023
A rapturous welcome home to amphibious warship HMS Albion with gunfire and military personnel lining the decks – after its latest mission to the Baltic in July 2023
Stirling Castle designed to help safeguard Britain’s waters on mine-hunting operations is back on FOST Training in July 2023
A rare overseas visitor to Plymouth was spotted on our live webcam and the Algerian Navy’s training ship the ANS Soummam sailing across the Sound this morning.
The Chinese built Daxin class training ship is on a visit to the city with its crew all manning the rails has the vessel made its way into Devonport Dockyard
HMS Richmond inbound to Devonport in July 2023
THV Galatea is working in local waters conducting important scientific data and buoy deployments- with the ship taking onboard an E1 ODAS buoy by local in June 2023
The PLYM Ferry was spotted in the Sound today returning home from its refit at Falmouth’s A&P dry facilities. She left Plymouth over six weeks in June 2023
HMS Tyne inbound to Devonport carrying on with the ship’s ‘regeneration’ after a successful (BOST) Basic Offshore Safety Training in June 2023
Flagship the THV PATRICIA, a Buoy-Laying ship that undertakes aid to navigation maintenance, towing, wreck location and marking – dropped its anchor in the Sound in June 2023
The French command and replenishment ship the Somme visiting Plymouth in May 2023
A rare visitor to the UK and the magnificent entrance of the Italian Ship the San Marco landing platform in May 2023
HMS Iron Duke spotted at anchor near the Plymouth Breakwater in May 2023
The Duke-class frigate was working up rejoining the fleet after a 6-year absence with her LIFEX refit began in 2019 after a long stay in Portsmouth
Some of the most intense security along Plymouth Hoe’s waterfront as HMS Vanguard nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine was outbound from Devonport in May 2023
Her refit and nuclear refuelling project started in December 2015, and experienced delays with technical problems, and the imposition of safety restrictions during the Covid 19 pandemic. 
HMS Vanguard returned to Faslane for workup and to resume deterrent patrols in the North Atlantic.
More heavy security and the arrival of HMS Victorious on her way into Devonport for its much delayed £300 million refit in May 2023
Devon built ship HMS Enterprise farewell visit to Plymouth in May 2023 before her decommissioning from the fleet in Portsmouth

She is perhaps one of the most important ships in the British fleet and charged with keeping the Royal Navy’s two aircraft carriers well stocked up with supplies. Fort Victoria moved out from Devonport with an entourage of tugboats in April 2023

30-year-old HMS Montrose on its farewell tour of Plymouth in February 2023