Plymouth’s official start of the 2024 cruise season began today with the arrival of the MV Ambition, operated by Ambassador Cruise Line.

The Lady of the Sea dropped anchor in the Sound on its maiden voyage to the city as part of its 12-day ‘Easter British Isles Discovery’ round-trip, which signals the beginning of what promises to be a busy year for the city’s cruise liner schedule.

Not even the mist and miserable weather could dampen the excitement for our Westward Shipping News webcam followers from all across the globe as the MV Ambition dropped its anchor inside the Breakwater.

Sailing under the flag of the Bahamas with 680 cabins and a capacity for 1200 guests, the MV Ambition stands at 709 feet in length with a ‘draft’ of 23 feet—the vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull.

Tender craft from the MV Ambition took the passengers ashore, where they were met at the Barbican landing stage by a red carpet of city handlers, Cruise Ambassador Volunteers, the town crier, a rousing performance of the Plymouth Maritime Corps of Drums, and support from the collaboration partners of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership.

The MV Ambition’s arrival set the stage for a diverse line-up of cruise ships expected throughout the year, and Westward Shipping News looks forward to covering all the vessels throughout the year.