Of the many ships coming and going in the sound on a daily basis Westward Shipping News spotted the ‘Jolly Falklander’ at the Plymouth breakwater today, and Larry the Pirate with his crew from the South Atlantic Seas.

The band of pirates are in Plymouth to meet Queen Alicia and the colony of Rockhoppas on Drakes Island now their home forever.

Arise, Sir Larry the Pirate who earned everlasting glory fighting off the big and dastardly Devil Whales in the South Atlantic seas – and visiting Queen Alicia and the Plymouth Rockhoppas today.

Addressing the colony of Rockhoppas on Plymouth Hoe Queen Alicia said: “Sir Larry receives the Rockhoppas highest award for bravery and a well deserved pardon and his crew on the Jolly Falklander.”

A massive cheer could be heard all across Plymouth and the Rockhoppas clapping their wings in thunderous applause.

Kevin Kelway, PR specialist at Dorcas Media, said: “My book, ‘The Adventures of Larry the Pirate’, is back on sale at the Drakes Island gift shop (online) for a limited time only. The Rockhoppas were granted Royal Status to live on Plymouth Hoe forever.

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Queen Alicia celebrating with the sea pirates from the South Atlantic Seas.
The adventures of Larry the Pirate and the Plymouth Rockhoppas
First seen in the Evening Herald in 2011