Heavy lift vessels carrying turbine blades along the English Channel coastline – are going to be a regular feature in the years to come, say Maritime Experts.

At present wind blade vessels are estimated to constitute about 20% of international ocean-borne multi-purpose heavy lift cargo. The sector is becoming extremely important for a number of reasons because it moves almost from ‘anywhere to everywhere’, and a commoditised international business.

One of these huge specialised vessels was recently spotted many miles off the coast of Plymouth by Westward Shipping News. These ships are specialist by their dimension, not because they are heavy.

The blade turbines need to stow on vessels in a way that makes them more economically viable to transport. As part of their multi-purpose heavy lift cocktail, they are a vital ingredient.

Compared to the blades, some of the turbines and other structures such as the towers can get quite heavy to transport also.

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Top: Image courtesy, The Shetland Times
Below: A Blade Runner spotted out in the Channel by Westward Shipping News