We see so many different shipping types in the Sound, and indeed some are truly whacky like the huge jackup barge the Jub Commander passing the Hoe waterfront this day, last year, after working at Deadman’s Bay that sounds like something from a Hollywood movie title of pirates and adventures.

Deadman’s Bay for centuries was a small stretch of Plymouth’s shoreline around the Cattewater and the graveyard of hundreds of ships. Deadman’s Bay is a part of the city’s waterfront history that became largely forgotten, and many ships under sail were swept on to the coast in the 1700s and 1800s, reportedly 25 during a single stormy day.

A Look Back on the same day 12 Jan 2022, the RFA Fort Victoria was being escorted at the Breakwater by Plymouth’s tug boats. She is a Fort-class combined fleet stores ship and tanker of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and tasked with providing ammunition, fuel, food and other supplies to Royal Navy vessels around the world. She is now the only member of her class.

The RFA Fort Victoria with the Jub Commander on the horizon, and gliding past the super-yacht the Bravo Eugenia