In the mist and rain of the Sound this morning, a huge bright red vessel was spotted on our live webcam making its way into Plymouth’s Cattewater, the Sudri Enabler. 

The name of the ship ‘Sudri’ comes from Nordic mythology and represents one of the four characters (Sudri, Nordri, Vestri and Austri) holding up the sky after it was made by the Gods from the skull of Ymir.

The Norwegian ship is on a whistle-stop visit to Plymouth following its naming ceremony at GONDAN SHIP BUILDERS in Spain, and will sail again tomorrow en route to Norway. The green ship is equipped with all the latest 3D offset/shore crane, heliport, and accommodates 120 people.

The futuristic design ship will soon commence operations with a major international EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation) contractor, supporting the installation of submarine cables that will deliver clean and renewable energy to thousands of homes across Northern Europe. 

At almost 90m long, she is a hybrid CSOV (Commissioning Service Operation Vessel). She is prepared for emission-free operations with a hydrogen-based propulsion system and designed by Salt Ship Design.

The Sudri Enabler is the first of two Commissioning Service Operation Vessels that GONDAN Ship Builders will deliver this year.