She was the first naval shipping movement in the Sound for 2024 and HMS Richmond is Gulf-bound to support the international effort protecting shipping.

HMS Richmond leaving the Sound on the 5th January, 2024

HMS Richmond was spotted by Westward Shipping News 24 hour live streaming webcam leaving the Sound on the 5th January, and will stand in for HMS Diamond and HMS Lancaster when either vessel needs to break off their patrols for re-supply or maintenance says the Ministry of Defence.

HMS Diamond on a scheduled visit to Plymouth in May 2023

HMS Diamond saw action in the Red Sea this week with the US Navy and destroyed multiple attack drones with her guns and sea viper missiles as part of Operation Prosperity Guardian.

The Royal Navy’s HMS Lancaster is on a long-term mission in the Middle East, largely focused on the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, hunting down drug smugglers and arms traffickers, while providing a reassurance presence to shipping companies and seafarers.

Images of HMS Richmond and its crew in Gibraltar have featured in the global press where the frigate is taking on stores and fuel before sailing on to the Gulf.