THE commercial Ports in Plymouth have seen a massive increase in the numbers of new and regular cargo vessels – with over 900 shipping movements recorded in 2021-2022.

Plymouth Port bosses say over 2.2 million tonnes of cargo was shipped through the city with a 12% increase of Gross Tonnage, and 17% increase in cargo, that represents a 15% increase from the year before that was severely affected by Covid 19, and the UK was in lockdown and impacted on trade.

Regular cargo traffic to Plymouth includes clay imports, stone exports, fuel, cement, and fertiliser imports.

The flagship of Brittany Ferries the Pont-Aven

The city continues to support the successful Brittany Ferries services to Roscoff and Santander with passenger numbers looking to increase in 2023, and recently celebrated 50 years of the cross-channel link last month.

The city’s vessel pilots provide a service not widely known to the public, but nevertheless the (4 full-time) pilots skills – are vital to the safe operation of shipping into and out of the Ports, 

In 2023 the city is expecting to see many more cruise ships choosing to visit Destination Plymouth.